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Turatello is the new name to the UK covered vehicle transporters market. The vast experience (40+ years) of designing and delivering trailers, makes Turatello one of the most reputable trailers manufacturers. Since October 2014, Turatello has been present in the UK through the unique distributor Turatello Trailers Ltd.

As of November 2016, Turatello Trailers Ltd relocated to Rugby, Warwickshire. West Midlands location allowing us to be closer to our Clients, able to provide any servicing and warranty actions, customer service at it’s highest level.

GT Storage Solutions is our unique reseller for Scotland.

Although in Italy, Turatello can design and build any type of open or covered trailers, for the UK market we only distribute covered trailers. Our covered trailers present a unique concept of chassis design, prepared with the transportation of vehicles in mind, to include plenty of storage but also the possibility of working under the vehicle whilst in storage. All our trailers are built with insulated panels, assuring that the internal conditions offer the ideal temperature and appropriate ventilation environment for cold winter storage. Our latest chassis design and general trailer space organisation comes from our direct experience in motorsport. Numerous weekend spent at the side of a race track with tools and spares scattered all over the place taught us some valuable lessons on how we should build our trailers.

Turatello Padova

All our trailers are delivered with a Certificate of Conformity and two years warranty plan. We offer a range of premium trailers for that high valued vehicle you are looking to transport, store or even work on. Transportation from Italy is included with our book prices, however if you would to organise your own transportation for a newly built trailer, the cost of transport will be deducted from list prices. Turatello’s factory in located just outside Padova, North East of Italy, not very far from the beautiful Venice.

                          dca848_5daf67f516084ee9ab9255dac1e307c8Member of ACIRIL – Association of Italian Light Trailers Manufacturers to 3500kg.

Registered in Scotland  #488712

VAT Registration # 203 6995 02

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