Premium enclosed trailers and semi-trailers

Vehicle Trailers

Premium enclosed vehicle trailers built in Padova, Italy. Full range from 2,000 to 3,500kg gross capacity. Combination of beautiful Italian design and ingenious engineering never seen before on a vehicle transporter.


Vehicle Trailers + Living

Enclosed trailers for the transport of vehicles with separate living quarters. Similar to the entire Turatello range of enclosed trailers, our trailers with living quarters are fully insulated for your maximum comfort.

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Enclosed semi-trailers with 6,500kg gross capacity for B+E driving licence. The SR50 range of semi trailers offers 3 models as starting point : Motorsport, Living, Slide Living. Full list options and endless custom build possibilities.


Kart & Motorbike Trailers

Starting with the same brilliant design and utilising exactly the same best quality materials as our larger vehicle trailer series, the kart and motorbike trailers are purposely built from our experience.


Catering Trailers

Insulated and fireproof as per International and UK regulations, our range of catering trailers will provide solutions and fantastic Italian build quality.


Event Trailers

Trailers purposely designed for exhibitions and trade shows. Large side opening doors either side, allowing for vehicles to be displayed and visible in an excellent angle to the public.

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