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Brief Description

The new F35Living trailer range satisfies all requests for a living area combined with a car transport workshop. F35Living is the ideal choice for the customer who wants to travel with the car and have accommodation where all the action takes place – Perfect for racing days, holidays or long transportation. It is comfortable, equipped with everything you might need for overnight stays however a full list of additional extras is available to customise this trailer. Light during transit, it can be towed legally with a B+E license.

The standard set up of the living quarters includes a closet, lockers and storage shelves, dinettes with cushions, a fold away table turning into a single bed, a foldaway double top bed, a shower tray, a chemical toilet, a fold away sink, a fridge, a 220/12V transformer system with internal power sockets an in addition a boiler for hot water + large water tank.

Measurements Table

   Model                              Gross Weight      Unladen Weight     Garage Length      Overall Length   Internal Width    Overall Width    Internal Height     Overall Height

F35                                           3,500kg                    1,500kg                        4,20m                        7,40m                     2,18m                    2,30m                    2,00m                     2,65m

F35XL                                      3,500kg                    1,600kg                        5,00m                        8,20m                     2,18m                    2,30m                    2,00m                     2,65m

25mm Honeycomb Fibreglass and Insulation Panels
F35 Living_7
Internal separator between garage and living quarters
Welcoming living quarters
F35 Living_3
Ingenious use of space - wet area
F35 Living_20
Fold away double bed
F35 Living_5
Fold away table and dinettes, turning into a single bed
Fridge, Internal Sockets, Storage Space
wtp60fv (4)
49l Inboard Water Tank
Second Large Side Door
F35 Living_4
Camper Style Door for Garage
Hydraulic Lowering Axles
F35 Living_12
Awning (4x2.5m)
Internal LED strip for Garage
Roof opening vent for Garage
Kitchen Group (Cooking Fires + Kitchen Sink)
Satellite TV System
Assistor Ramps
Solar Panel
81HvzW9BpAL._SL1500_ (1)
Garage Internal 240v Sockets
3500lb Winch Kit
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