Vehicle Trailers

Enclosed Vehicle Transporters


All our covered vehicle transporters are built to order, as per your individual specifications. Turatello proudly offers the same timeless design across it’s entire range of enclosed vehicle trailer sizes. As one Turatello mark of quality, we only use 25mm honeycomb fiberglass insulated panels for the side walls and roof, whilst the rounded front of the trailer is a fibreglass monocoque. The sandwich panels provide a dry condensation free environment, a warm space during the winter and fairly cool during the hot summer days. Fantastically light and incredibly robust, the honeycomb material makes our trailers lighter and provide extra rigidity to the body of the trailer. For extra strength, the panels are slotted into the bottom side of the chassis while at the rear, the panel is slotted into the steel rear door frame. The table below illustrates the technical differences between our different trailer chassis. Chose one of the above trailer types for further information.

Model                                           Gross Weight      Unladen Weight     Internal Length      Overall Length   Internal Width    Overall Width    Internal Height     Overall Height

F20                                                      2,000kg                     750kg                           4,96m                       6,16m                    1,98m                     2,10m                    1,80m                     2,17m

F26                                                     2,600kg                    1,000kg                          5,20m                      6,60m                     2,18m                    2,30m                    1,80m                     2,25m

F35                                                     3,500kg                    1,200kg                          5,20m                      6,60m                     2,18m                    2,30m                    1,80m                     2,30m

F35XL                                                 3,500kg                    1,300kg                          6,00m                      7,40m                     2,18m                    2,30m                    1,80m                     2,30m